Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

Tree work applications

Trees can be protected by tree preservation orders or if they are growing within a conservation area and securing planning consent for appropriate tree management can sometimes be difficult. All the consultants at Treecall Consulting have experience as local authority tree officers and can help by presenting the case for your tree work application.


If a tree work application is refused, you can appeal against the decision to the Planning Inspectorate (though this must be done within 28 days). The appeal process gives you an opportunity to respond to the council’s reasons for refusal and this is where Treecall Consulting can help. We can provide you with a robust appeal statement that will help persuade the inspector to overturn the council’s decision.

TPO objections

When a new TPO is made, it is only in force provisionally and the local planning authority must consider all objections received before they can make it permanent. Treecall Consulting can provide advice on objecting to a TPO and whether we can support you in this process. Our consultants have extensive experience of assessing the amenity value of trees and knowledge of the procedures that the local planning authority are required to follow and can increase your chances of a successful objection.

Local authority support

Numbers of tree work applications can vary significantly throughout the year and staff shortages can also make it difficult to determine all applications within statutory time frames. Our extensive experience in the assessment of applications enables Treecall Consulting to provide a professional service that will help you to manage backlogs.