Trees & Development

Trees are a material planning consideration whether they are protected or not. Local planning authorities require arboricultural information to validate applications and to assist planning officers in determining the acceptability of the proposed development on trees.

Treecall Consulting with its wealth of planning experience provides this information incrementally to both the design team and local planning authority.

Feasibility & Initial Advice

An initial site meeting can be arranged with any of our arboricultural consultants.  During this meeting the terms of reference can be clarified and we can provide advice on the tree constraints of the site and how best to proceed with your project.

Tree Survey & Tree Constraints Plan

Before any assessment of arboricultural issues can be made a survey of the trees affected tree-surveyby the proposals is necessary. The survey will record basic dimensions and condition details as set out in British Standard 5837:2012 ‘Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – Recommendations’. This information is added to a plan of the existing layout and the tree schedule identifies those trees which need to be kept and those that are expendable. This information is vital for architects in designing layouts that get the best out of the land available and the existing trees on a site.



Arboricultural Impact Assessment, Tree Protection Plan & Method Statement

Using the finalised proposed site layout a report is prepared that identifies and evaluates all theprotection-plan foreseeable impacts on existing trees that may arise as a result of the implementation of the proposal. The report will include a provisional arboricultural method statement and tree protection plan that addresses all the identified impacts on existing trees which may arise as a result of the implementation of the proposal. This report can be can be submitted to the local planning authority as part of the information they require and can be used as a working document during development.



Pre-Commencement Site Meeting & Supervision

The local planning authority may require a pre-commencement site meeting and arboricultural sensitive operations may need to be supervised during construction. Where this is the case Treecall Consulting can provide you with the necessary arboricultural support.