Ash die-back (Chalara fraxinea)

The latest Forestry Commission information on the spread of this damaging disease is that there have been 613 cases confirmed so far in the UK.

In Dorset, there has been one case in a woodland, between Dorchester and Bridport, and there has been a recently planted area affected near Crewkerne.

The Crewkerne site has been known since the start of 2013 but the Dorchester/Bridport occurrence was confirmed on the website in August this year.

The Treecall update in January 2013 quoted the Forestry Commission as having identified 339 sites of infection.  This has now, as of 9 December 2013, risen to 613.

This map shows the current UK situation and can be found on the Forestry Commission website.

More information is available from the Forestry Commission.  Also, see the Treecall article ‘Ashes to ashes’ for more information.

Article written by Steve Cox on December 14, 2013