Dorset Day 2021

To celebrate Dorset Day 2021, we were featured on the FSB Hampshire, Dorset and Isle of Wight Facebook and Twitter Pages.

We were asked to summarise what we do, and why we love being based in Dorset:

Treecall Consulting Ltd are based in Poole, but operate over the whole of southern England, or even further if clients require.

They are experts in inspecting trees in relation to safety issues, development contexts and identifying appropriate management actions. Although over 90% of our work is done via visual inspections, we have some specialist equipment that enables us to detect internal decay and general problems in tree health.

Within the planning and development context, we provide a range of services: tree surveys, constraints plans and tree reports for development, applications for work to protected trees and appeals against refusal for planning consent.

Our safety surveys involve us in assessing the risk of tree failure, identifying appropriate works and liaising with tree officers. We are also able to provide guidance to tree owners about management options to alert them to how their trees might change over time and how they can get the best from them.

Why does Treecall’s Rowena Smith love Dorset?

Rowena says “Dorset has got an impressive variety of landscapes, from coast and rocks to downs and woods. We are lucky that our job gets us out and about over the whole of our beautiful county, and that our work involves us in helping to preserve trees, which are an important element in keeping our towns liveable as we face increasing challenges from climate change. We all feel passionate about helping clients get the best out of their sites and maximising the contribution that their trees provide.

Article written by Steve Cox on June 2, 2021