TPO Applications & Appeals

Worried about the health of a tree?

Many tree owners get a great amount of enjoyment from their garden, or grounds, and they prudently require information about the trees so that they can plan treework, tree removal or tree planting.

Tree owners are held to be responsible for the condition of their trees. The best defence, should an accident occur, is to produce documentary evidence that the trees have been inspected periodically and that any defects or problems have been dealt with appropriately.

TreeCall can provide the expertise needed to ensure the trees are properly assessed and managed.

TPO Applications & Appeals

Each local planning authority is unique in the way that it organises itself to deal with the demands that government regulations and local communities place upon it. This includes the process of getting permission for work to trees protected by a tree preservation order.

The regulations covering TPOs in England are found in The Town and Country (Tree Preservation)(England) Regulations 2012 (SI 2012/605).  Since October 2008 all authorities use the same application form and it is becoming essential to use a professional arboriculturalist to provide a professional report for health and safety work to trees.

When local authorities refuse permission for particular treework there is always the opportunity (within 28 days of receiving the decision) to appeal against the decision to the Planning Inspectorate.  In the past additional information could be included if the case was taken to appeal but now all information must be provided at the beginning of the application process and this emphasises the need to use a report from a qualified arboriculturalist as part of the case presented.

Article written by Steve Cox on November 16, 2009