Urban Trees, Urban Partners


I’ve just found this article from the World Agroforestry Centre.

Last month they issued this news article about the growing importance of trees in urban areas.

There is now a growing recognition of the value of trees in towns and cities throughout the world.  Although the specific ways that trees are valued may differ between countries the role they can play in keeping cities bearable is becoming clearer as the percentage of the global population living in urban areas tips over the 50% mark.

Never before in history has half the world’s population been urban.  And nobody knows what this will mean for societies, infrastructure, administration and ecology.  We are in unknown territory.  But what we do know is that trees can be important friends both in existing cities and in new ones.

The challenge is to develop ways to allow trees to provide benefits that outweigh any problems they may pose.  This will require widespread education, technological innovation, multi-disciplinary collaboration and wisdom.  I wonder how we’ll do.

London Wall

London Wall


Article written by Steve Cox on November 18, 2011